Floods in Belet Weyne, Somalia

Sunday 27 May 2018

Following the heavy Gu’ rains this year, the river Shebelle burst its banks displacing thousands of people in Belet Weyne town and the surrounding riverine villages. The floodwaters inundated houses and crops causing destruction to power grids, farm fields and infrastructure.

The recent flash and river flooding has so far affected an estimated 772,000 people and displaced more than 230,000 persons from their homes. These were the scenes from my recent trip to Belet Weyne, Hiran region of Somalia where Save the Children played a critical role in reaching flood affected communities with safe and clean drinking water, constructed emergency latrines and distributed NFI / Cash.

Aerial view of Belet Wayne town, Hiran region of Somalila

Flooded school

Families take refuge in a school after the flooding.