Tuesday 29 October 2019



By Saddam Hussein Carab

As I arrive at this site for the Internally Displaced People, I’m shocked to see the number of make shift tents that are now home to over 40,000 households who were evacuated from the flooding water that hit Beledweyne town of Hiraan region, Central parts of Somalia. Near one of the tents I meet Sarurad and onf of her sons Ibrahim.  “I have been here for the last five days,” says  Sarurad. “I moved here  with my five children from Hawo Tako Village”.

Sarurad’s father is mentally ill. Neither Sarurad nor her husband are employed or have any sustainable income. Before they were displaced, they received support from relatives. Since they moved here, their situation  has gotten worse. They say food is their main challenge at the moment.  “My children have been sleeping on empty stomachs as we have no support, ” says Sarurad.

Before they were displaced, two of her girls used to go to school, but Sarurad is now worried if they will ever resume. “We do not plan to go back to town. We used to live in a rent house but we were unable to pay rent the last few months. So we have nothing much to go back to.” Sarurad explained. “We will wait to see what God brings to us”

Sarurad says thanks to Save the Children, she and her family are able to access clean water but her needs are much more. She says her children are at risk of hunger, diseases and may not go back to school without sustained support from government and other humanitarian actors.