Tuesday 1 October 2019


Nimo always wanted to be a teacher—not any teacher but the best teacher in Garowe, Somalia. She was lucky to land herself a teaching job at Liban Primary School, soon after she graduated from Gambool Secondary School in 2013.  Liban school is one of the few schools located in Shabeelle, a settlement for Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Garowe and it caters for both IDP populations and host communities.

Nimo loved her job and enjoyed interacting with her students. However, at times she found it difficult to meet her students’ expectations and she wanted to make learning exciting for them. She knew she needed more skills to help her reach her ambition of being a good teacher. So, it was a dream come true when she was selected to join the in-service-teachers’ training programme supported by Save the Children as part of the Norad Framework programme.

“I got this teaching opportunity soon after I graduated but I did not have any prior experience. I only knew how my teachers conducted their lessons and I tried to emulate them. That is all I knew,” says Nimo.

 In 2016, Nimo was supported by Save the Children to join Garowe Teachers Education College (GTEC) for a two-years diploma course in Education. “The course was really useful. It has improved my teaching skills. I can now confidently plan my lessons and manage my time for each class. I can say I meet my students learning expectations with confidence,” says Nimo.

“Now things have changed. With the skills I have acquired, I understand how children grow and develop and therefore I’m able to meet their expectations. I have also learned different teaching methods to address the different needs of students. I am able to manage my classes very well.”

 With the support of Save the Children the college also provides courses in child rights and child protection with the aim of empowering teachers to address and manage child rights violation issues in their communities as well be role models in upholding child rights.

The overall aim of the Norad Framework programme is to improve the learning environment by providing Child Centred Education, promote use of e-literacy, enhance teachers’ capacity to deliver quality learning as well as promote access to education for girls by building girl friendly spaces in four regions in Somalia.

“Today I’m able to excite and inspire my students and they enjoy my classes. Thanks to Save the Children, I’m achieving my goal of becoming the best teacher in Garowe.