One in six children across the world are living in areas impacted by conflict.

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Save the Children launched the “End War on Children” report globally. The report that ranks Somalia as the third most dangerous place for a child looks at how conflict has impacted children, and sheds light on a worrying trend of increased brutality against children in conflict, particularly in the last few years.

Save the Children Somalia in collaboration with the Somalia NGO consortium launched the report in Nairobi during round table discussions on protecting children in conflict. Some of the emerging issues include the need to strengthen our child protection programmes and have this integrated in all our work - ensuring that staff have the knowledge and capacity to address any reports on violations against the children that we work for and with in addition to working together with like minded organisations and advocate for protection of children.Strengthening community structures in order to facilitate protection of children in conflict was also highlighted as a recommendation, noting that it is no longer business as usual.

 The 35 stakeholders who attended the meeting later signed a petition - committing to work together to end the grave violations against children in conflict. 



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