PUBLIC STATEMENT: Save the Children welcomes the appointment of two of its senior staff members to the new Government of Puntland

Monday 4 March 2019


Save the Children welcomes the appointment of two of its senior staff members to the new Government of Puntland

Garowe, Puntland, March 4th, 2019. Save the Children Somalia Country Office congratulates Mohamed Abdiladif and Abdiqafar Elmi Hange who have been appointed by the newly elected President of Puntland Said Abdullahi Deni, to serve in his government. Abdiladif has been appointed as the Chief of Staff and Hange was sworn in as the Minister of Planning, Economic Development and International Cooperation. 

Both Abdiladif and Hange have been key members of the Senior Management team of Save the Children Somalia Country Office since 2011. Until his appointment, Abdiladif was Director of Program Operations overseeing management and implementation of all save the children Programs in Somalia. He joined Save the children in 2011 as Health Project Manager. He played a critical role in shaping Save the Children program in the country and will be remembered for his leadership, commitment and tireless efforts in driving our 2017-2018 humanitarian response. 

On the other hand, Hange joined Save the Children Somalia program in 2011 as Supply Chain Officer and managed to climb through the ladder to become Area Representative for Puntland Office since 2015.

 “Their appointment highlights their leadership skills and qualities as well as their dedication to the serve Somali people. These qualities were evident in their work with Save the Children and we are pleased that they have been recognised.” Said, Save the Children Somalia Programme Interim Country Director, Mohamud Mohamed Hassan.  

 He further noted that although Save the Children is losing two talented and energic young leaders, he is pleased that they will continue to serve their nation in different capacities. 

 Both Abdiladif and Hange are finalizing their Masters in Science in Public Policy management from the renowned School of Oriental and African Studies at University of London.

We congratulate both Mohamed Abdiladif and Abdiqafar Hange for their appointments and we commend the newly elected Puntland President for giving young and talented professionals the opportunity to serve their people.