Saynab's story of hope and success - EU RESTORE

Wednesday 7 November 2018

For Saynab, a 16-year-old class seven pupil at Kalabayr Primary School, going to school means everything to her. She gets excited just thinking of spending another day in school, learning and playing with friends. She has big dreams for herself. She wants to be an English Teacher.


However, about a year ago, Saynab’s dreams were almost shattered. She was almost forced to drop out of school because her parents could not afford school fees.  Saynab’s family are pastoralists, they depend on livestock to sustain their livelihood. But the 2017 drought that hit Somalia killed most of livestock and destroying livestock markets across the country. Many families are still struggling to recover from the impact of the drought.


‘’You can imagine, when there is drought the income is very low, no goats to sell, no farms and business can’t survive.’’ Says Hawa, Saynab’s mother.


To support families, recover, Save the Children, through the EU Restore project, is providing financial assistance to families with children who due to drought are struggling to provide basic necessities to their children. The support helps many children like Saynab stay in school.


“Last year, the school enrollment dropped from 170 students to only 120,” says Mohamed Ismail, the Head teacher of Kalabayr Primary School. “However, thanks to this project, the numbers are increasing again and we have 150 students enrolled into 2018/19 school year,’’ he added.


“This assistance from Save the Children has been very crucial and has benefitted many people in our community. I know many families were struggling to pay school fees of their children because they had no money. Overall, the programme has contributed to the increase in the enrollment of the students at the school,” explained Ismail.


The EU Restore project aims at contributing to the sustainability and improvement of food security and livelihoods whilst building resilience among vulnerable households and their communities in Somaliland and Puntland. The project aims at Strengthening community-based drought mitigation and preparedness measures, improve natural resource management and encourage diversification of livelihoods and assets. The child grants component of the project will target over 200 households in Sanaag, Nugal, and Bari regions of Puntland. 


For Saynab, the project is keeping her dream to study and have an office job alive.  “I like English subject.  It is very easy so I want to be an English teacher or an interpreter,” Saynab says. I am happy with my studies in school.  It is very good for me to be here.”