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10 March 2024 - News

Social Protection Policy Launch Event Marks a Milestone for Somaliland's Vulnerable Communities

Somaliland Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs and Family (MESAF), in collaboration with Save the Children, recently organized a momentous event to unveil Somaliland's first ever Social Protection Policy. The ceremony served as a platform to bring together key government figures, civil society representatives, development partners, and other stakeholders, demonstrating a unified commitment to advancing societal welfare.

Amidst the distinguished attendees were prominent government officials including the Minister of Planning and National Development, Deputy Minister of Social Affairs, several Director Generals, Members of Parliament, and representatives from various civil society organizations.

Mr. Abdinasir Ali Sahal, Save the Children’s representative in Somaliland, delivered a poignant address underscoring the policy's significance, particularly for vulnerable communities and children. He expressed gratitude to the President for enacting the policy while advocating for collaborative efforts in its implementation.

"The successful implementation of this policy marks a significant milestone for our nation. It promises to improve the well-being of all citizens, especially those most vulnerable. To ensure its effectiveness, however, a collaborative effort is essential. This will require dedicated funding from stakeholders, with the government leading the charge. In closing, I express my sincere gratitude to the President for their decisive action in signing the policy into law," remarked Mr. Sahal.

In a show of solidarity, MP Barkhad Jama Batun pledged to work closely with the government in effectively implementing the policy, further committing to championing its conversion into law within the parliament.

"We extend our congratulations to the Ministry on the successful launch of the Social Protection Policy, a significant milestone for the most vulnerable community. We pledge our full support to the Ministry in implementing this policy and commit to exerting great efforts within the council to ensure its effective implementation. We also commit to convert this policy into law so that it gets responsibilities," affirmed MP Barkhad Jama Batun.

Ahmed Torno, the Minister of Planning, reiterated the government's commitment to social protection as a fundamental aspect of the National Development Plan. He emphasized the shared responsibility among various stakeholders in ensuring the success of social protection initiatives.

"Social Protection is one of the 11 sectors of the 3rd National Development Plan [NDP-III], and we are participating in its implementation as much as possible. We believe that the first responsibility for social protection belongs to the central government, the second part belongs to the local governments, and they also have a responsibility to the businessmen & other stakeholders. stated Minister Ahmed Torno.

Deputy Minister of Social Affairs, Mrs. Yurub Abib, concluded the event by expressing gratitude to all participants and stakeholders involved in the policy formulation process. She reiterated the importance of the policy in addressing the essential needs of the community and thanked the President for enacting it.

"With this policy in place, we are ready to better cater to the essential needs of our community, ensuring they receive the care and support they rightfully deserve. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the President of the Nation for enacting this policy. I also extend my thanks to all those involved in the formulation of this policy, whose contributions have been instrumental in advancing societal welfare," concluded Deputy Minister Yurub Abib.

Somalia still lacks comprehensive legal framework that addresses the fundamental and continuous violations against the rights of women and children. The approval of the Social Protection Policy by the President of Somaliland marks a significant stride in the government's commitment to uplifting the most vulnerable segments of society. As the policy takes effect, it heralds a new era of inclusivity and equity, promising essential services and social assistance to improve the well-being and quality of life for all citizens.

The policy's key elements, including targeted cash transfer programs, social insurance initiatives, and emergency assistance provisions, underscore its comprehensive approach to addressing the diverse needs of Somaliland's populace. With collective efforts and steadfast commitment, Somaliland is poised to achieve greater social cohesion and prosperity for all.

Save the Children's Contribution: Save the Children has implemented the first-ever social protection programs targeting vulnerable children and families in Somaliland. The Child-Sensitive Social Protection program includes cash transfers, nutrition support, education initiatives, and healthcare interventions. Save the Children, on the other hand, supported the Ministry in the development of the policy and also made significant efforts in advocating for the approval of the policy.