Thanks to EU Restore, I’m now able to send my children to school

Tuesday 19 February 2019


Thanks to EU Restore, I’m now able to send my children to school, Says Fatima Abdirashid, an EU-funded-project beneficiary  

Fatima Abdirashid is a pastoralist. She fled from her village in the countryside due to the recent drought.  Fatima now lives in Awsane Village with her husband and two children.  Before the drought, Fatima owned 50 goats which she herded near Awsane village. Fatima decided to move to Awsane after the drought killed all her animals. She moved here with the hope of receiving humanitarian support.

In 2018, she was selected to be one of the beneficiaries of European Union (EU) Restore Project, funded by the European Commission.  The project provides cash grants of USD 40 per month to most vulnerable households. This three-year project aims to strengthen community resilience and preparedness in managing disasters.

“I used to live in the country side. I decided to move here after I lost all my animals due to drought,’’ said Fatima in an interview with Save the Children Staff.

 The money that Fatima receives from Save the Children helps her children go to school and learn. She also uses the money to acquire other basic needs for her children.

 “We have benefited a lot from the project. I'm now able to send my children to school.’’ Fatima says.

The project support 200 households in Sanaag, Bari and Nugal regions of Puntland with Child grants of USD 40 per month. Many families and community members say this support has been critical to improve the livelihoods of poor households in the community. 


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