application/pdfSomalia Partnership Forum Joint CommuniquéSomalia Partnership Forum Joint Communiqué18/07/2018135KB
application/pdfREPORT : Somalia Humanitarian Fund 2017 Annual Report2017 was one of the most challenging years for Somalia, with the country precariously close to another famine after several failed rainy seasons. The SHF was at the forefront of relief efforts, allocating more than $56 million for urgent interventions of 68 humanitarian partners to implement 163 projects across Somalia. Due to joint and tireless efforts of humanitraian partners, Somali people and the Governmet, and with historic levels of support from the international community, the famine looming over Somalia was averted.10/05/20184MB
application/pdfREPORT: More Cash, Bigger Impact? In this study, we compare the livelihood and child level outcomes of four types of Transfers03/04/2018772KB
application/pdfFACT SHEET NO.3 Evidence in evidence based programmingWhat is evidence in evidence based programming (EBP)? Some concepts and common pitfalls15/11/2017435KB
application/pdfFACT SHEET NO.1 Vocational Training for Youth EmploymentVocational Training for Youth Employment: Comparing Cost-effectiveness of Apprenticeship vs. Formal Training15/11/2017289KB
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