application/pdfStolen Childhoods: End of Childhood Report 2017For at least 700 million children worldwide – and perhaps hundreds of millions more – childhood has ended too soon.02/06/20178MB
application/pdfCommuniqué - Advocacy Dialogue on Implementing FGM Policy inCommuniqué of Advocacy Dialogue on Implementing FGM Policy in Puntland- Somalia, Lessons Learned and Next Steps13/11/20171MB
application/pdfFighting for Breath in Somalia/SomalilandFighting for Breath A Call to Action for Childhood Pneumonia 15/11/20175MB
application/pdfFACT SHEET NO.1 Vocational Training for Youth EmploymentVocational Training for Youth Employment: Comparing Cost-effectiveness of Apprenticeship vs. Formal Training15/11/2017289KB
application/pdfFACT SHEET NO.2 Perceptions of FGM and child marriageCampaigning begins at home: Perceptions of FGM and child marriage among development practitioners15/11/2017308KB
application/pdfFACT SHEET NO.3 Evidence in evidence based programmingWhat is evidence in evidence based programming (EBP)? Some concepts and common pitfalls15/11/2017435KB
application/pdfFACT SHEET NO.4 Integrating CP and CRG in Education Integrating Child Protection and Child Rights Governance in Education Programmes: A Strategic Review15/11/2017125KB
application/pdfFACT SHEET NO.5 Making schools more girl friendly:Making schools more girl friendly: Exploring the effects of ‘Girl Friendly Space’ on school attendance of adolescent girls15/11/2017406KB
application/pdfFACT SHEET NO.6 Changing Social Norms in Somalia:Changing Social Norms in Somalia: Exploring the Role of Community Perception in FGM/C15/11/2017329KB
application/pdfFACT SHEET NO.7 Early Child Marriage in SomaliaEarly Child Marriage in Somalia: Is it a Challenged Social Norm?15/11/2017262KB
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