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Child Protection & Child Rights Governance

We work with governments, civil society organisations,  and partners to establish systems and structures to protect children and their families. We provide a range of protection services to children at risk of or exposed to abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation. These include psychological first aid, psychosocial support through case management, the provision of child- friendly spaces, and family tracing and reunification services alongside community- based care arrangements for and separated and unaccompanied children.


Our programmes also focus on building the resilience of children and developing their capacities to deal with the potential risks and hazards they face. We work with and strengthen the capacity of caregivers, communities-based protection mechanisms and local partners in the prevention of harmful traditional practices affecting the protection of children from violence, including Physical & Humiliating Punishment, Female Genital Mutilation and early marriage. We ensure that our projects are always gender sensitive, and we aspire towards gender transformative projects wherever possible.


Through our Child Rights Governance work, Save the Children supports the Government with the development of the Child Protection Policy, Child Act, National Plan of Action for Children, as well as Standard Operating Procedures and technical trainings on specific thematic areas. Our programming emphasizes a child centric, child sensitive approach.


Our work in Somalia includes working with like- minded agencies and Civil Society Organizations in the establishment of independent institutions to monitor and report on children, to develop a national strategy for children and to review, develop and implement laws, policies and programs for the realization of children’s rights.